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We are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement in central and eastern Missouri.

We are ONE church with nearly 10,000 followers of Jesus in 41 communities of faith, plus several campus ministries.

We believe that God is calling the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri to transform our churches, our communities and our world to reflect more and more God’s dream found in Jesus Christ. That dream that calls us to be a people who seek to be followers of Jesus who are forgiven, healed, strengthened and renewed. We seek a deeper connection with God and with each other as we journey together.

So, whether you are here for the first time or have been in church all your life; whether you are liberal, conservative, independent or progressive; whether you are urban, suburban, rural or nor place to lay your head; whether you are rich, dead broke, old, young, straight, gay, Trans, non-binary, arriving with a busload of kids, coming alone, firm in your faith or filled with doubts, God brought you here and we welcome you… just as you are!

We hope you will join us on the journey with Jesus!